The secret to a flatter stomach, glowing skin, good mood, gut intuition, strong immune system, emotional healing? – yep it’s all in your belly. This is the heart of my work, my life experience.

Optimal digestive function is key to all nutrition issues and the hara (near the belly button) is where our being resides. So often we don’t even feel comfortable in the space where we should feel most at home.  My belly use to be a mess. I would accumulate fat there from stress, it would churn with anxiety and always felt heavy with emotion. It was not my favourite body part. Through diet and mediation I’ve been able to drop out of my (sometimes) crazy mind and be at home in my hara. It’s been very liberating journey. If this sounds all too familiar, get in contact. I’d love to pass on the lessons I’ve learnt to you.


To start you off here are 5 star tips:

1. CHEW your food! Yes you know it already, but are you doing it? Your colon doesn’t have teeth and undigested food can lead to all sorts of problems.

2. RELAX Never eat when stressed. This shuts off the digestive system pathway meaning less stomach acid and digestive enzymes are produced. Through stress many people today actually have low stomach acid and would benefit from supplementation.

3. EASY to digest food like smoothies, soups and slowed cooked vegetables and easy to assimilate into your body when you digestion is sluggish

4. NOURISH with probiotics or fermented food such as sauerkraut. If you are bloated all the time you maybe suffering from dysbiosis (an imbalance between good and bad gut bacteria). Testing your gut bacteria profile is the best way to select which probiotics will bring you back into balance.

5. LOVE your guts! Yes breathe into that space get comfortable with it. If you are holding on to emotional baggage it can also effect your digestive ecology including the balance of good and bad bacteria.