When most people reach your site they will sum you up in the first 10 seconds based on what they read. 

The right words make all the difference.

They capture, connect and cajole.  

Do you have trouble trying to get your ‘essence’ into your website copy and writing?

Maybe your stuck for content for your blog, or just don’t have the time to edit everything.

Imagine being able to have someone who can tune in to You and help you find those words?

Let me help you find your voice and the perfect copy for your website or blog.

Traditional sales copy can be a little blunt, sleazy, harsh and leave people feeling cold.

Conscious copywriting is transparent, full of heart, authenticity and being of service.

A totally different vibration.

But one that still results in sales, not through mind tripping someone but speaking to their soul.

They make a decision with their deep inner knowing that this is truly the right match for them.

conscious copywriting

It’s a synergy between You and me

Conscious copywriting and ghost writing blogs is more than just writing.

It’s about me tuning into you to feel your individual message, your essence.

The energy behind this is super powerful and that in part is what will engage your tribe and keep them wanting more.

My meditation and life experiences have bought me to space where I can drop into my heart and connect with You. In this space I can then channel your words through me to express your message.

It’s been surprising and beautiful and I’m so grateful for this gift.

Conscious Copywriting the best investment for you business:

:: It’s about infusing the copy with your unique frequency. Remember your vibe attracts your tribe and written words are powerful!

:: Authentically sharing how your offering or service will deeply serve and transform people. Consciousness business and services are growing. Let’s find your uniqueness and shine it out to the world.

:: Is your current copy really connecting to the right target market? Taking some time out to find who your ideal client to create a deep connection makes all the difference. I can help you avoid the most common mistakes people make.

:: Give your tribe the confidence they’re looking for to invest in your product/services (after all spiritual business is still business and you need to be getting back the value you deserve)

:: Play the universal law that the more you give the more you get. Nurturing your peeps with the right emails and blog content is essential. It’s the ultimate way to love and nourish your follows and gain loyalty and convert into your services and products.

Current Work

I currently have two full time clients. Health Revolutionist Tyler Tolman, who has close to 100k Facebook followers, sell out retreats in Bali and epic sales of his online program and health products.

Chef Cynthia Louise is a GENIUS wholefood chef. Her new site is in the making but yet to be launched so I can’t share the url but shhhh, here is sneak peak of it…

I LOVE working with these guys and seeing their conscious brands saw, I’d love to work with you too!

Are Ready To Have Beautiful Copywriting That Reflects You?

I do everything from sales page copy, ghost writing blogs, shimmying (editing), proof-reading and start up packages of helping you find your unique language and helping you strategise topics for your blogs.

Get in contact here to find out more

conscious copywriting