Sugar addiction is an issue that so many of us can suffer from. It robs you of energy, leaves you emotionally unbalanced and dully spotty skin. No thanks!

It’s possible for you to get a LOT more pure energy in your day without sugar. Once you incorporate the points below you will RADIATE from the inside out.

Often the constant need for sugar is masking something else. Poor blood sugar balance, mineral deficiencies, stress, unbalanced gut bacteria and emotional eating can all contribute.

Understanding the causes behind your sugar addiction is very empowering and an absolute necessity to living a beautiful healthy life.

Like most addictions it’s the initial phase that is the hardest but worth pursuing, because once cravings subside get set to experience more energy, experience more stable emotions, feel less bloated and have more radiant skin.

Having gone through the experience myself I have loads of tips to pass onto you!

Here’s 5 tips to get your started:

1. Start by eating regular small meals to help balance your blood sugar.

2. Be sure to include some complex carbohydrates, fibre or protein in each meal (depends on your metabolic type as to which is best for you)

3. Test your gut flora. An imbalance in gut flora can effect your cravings. Testing your flora profile is always a good idea so you know how to rebalance your unique ecology.

4. Use Bach Rescue Remedy when the cravings hit you

5. Get to the root of the issue – what are you really hungry for? Starting a mindful meditation practice is extraordinary helpful