Thinking of sprouts doesn’t usually make the you think sexy! But I think it’s time to give this group of under rated super foods the attention they deserve. Low in calories, high in antioxidants and alkalising they really are the original ‘superfood’. Cheap and cheerful, if you grow your own they cost next to nothing.

There is no over emphasising just how incredibly nutritious this food is. Think of the seed ready for take off about to launch into life – it’s the life-stage that contains the most energy and nutrients to help that seed become a plant. And you can reap the nutritional benefits of that miracle through consuming sprouts – amazing!

Sprouting increases the available nutrients of the seed. It’s thought some of the available B vitamins increase by 20%. B vitamins are vital for energy and there is nothing more sexy than having more energy in your life. Sprouting also improves the amino acid availability of the proteins – delivering to you vital building blocks for more sexy muscles. The process of sprouting the seed also increases the fibre content – keeping you fuller for longer when eating, and improving digestion. The minerals in sprouts become more accessible as well, minerals being essential for beautiful glowing skin.

So if you are feeling a bit dull and tired, get your sexy back with some seriously sensational sprouts!

To grow your own a sunny spot is all you need.

You can use a jar with muslin cloth or one like this A.Vogel BioSnacky Small Germinator Jar as well as some seeds to sprout such as BioSnacky Starter Seed Pack – 6 x 40g

a jar full of energy, vitamins, enzymes, and sexiness!