Spiritual Nutrition is about looking at ways to nourish mind body and spirit.

We often think of diet in the sense of the physical body but the effects extend to our energetical, mental and spiritual bodies. For example diet has an effect on the subtle energetic fields that help us to receive cosmic energy (prana) during meditation.

However the term Spiritual Nutrition is more than just food, it’s a lifestyle, encompassing total nourishment of body, mind and spirit. It’s the realisation that we take energy not only from food but our environment – the cosmos. The concept is to reconnect with our surroundings on a more intimate level, realising our place in the universe. To remember that your body is your temple and the food you take in and it’s associated energies ultimately become part of you.

It focuses on re-establishing your relationship with food and eating with consciousness. We buy things from the supermarket with little awareness or connection of where this food comes from. The food and it’s associated energies ultimately become part of you so should be an important consideration. It includes non-food ways we nourish our mind body spirit, such as meditation.

So in some respects Spiritual Nutrition for me is about zooming out to take a look at the bigger picture of how the relationship with food and where it comes effects us,  from rather than zooming in too much. If you are totally confused and need some help to bring simplicity back into you diet contact me for a Health Coaching session.