As Osho quotes below positive thinking has become such a trend. Without even realising it we label everything in our lives as good or bad, and then depending on that label we create fictions or stories about why it’s good or bad. You loose your job – that could be ‘bad’ you have to take another job that pays less – that’s also ‘bad’ you meet the girl of your dreams in your new job – so now it’s ‘good’ and on it goes. The thing is when you start looking at things as good there will always be bad – with positive comes negative. So better to see nothing as good, nothing as bad. Just try to see the facts without any labels. Just be in acceptance of what is, no need to analyse.


I Don’t Teach You Optimism – I Teach You Transcendence
“I don’t teach you optimism. In the West it is very fashionable nowadays; it is called “positive thinking.” That is a new name for optimism; the old name has become a little too out of fashion, out-of-date. The new name is positive thinking. I don’t teach you positive thinking, because positive thinking
carries the negative in its wake.
“I teach you transcendence – neither positive nor negative. Be a watcher: witness both. When there is day, witness the day, and when there is night, witness the night – and don’t get identified with either. You are neither the day nor the night; you are the transcendental consciousness.
Become more and more centered there in that transcendence.
“True religion is not positive, nor is it negative. It is neither via negativa nor via positiva; it is via transcendence.”
Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha,