It’s the 5 minute trick that banishes cellulite, gets your energy levels up, creates baby smooth skin and completely invigorates you for the day ahead. So I ask the question why aren’t you dry skin brushing?!

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, dry skin brushing aids in elimination of toxins from the body and boosts your immune system.

How does all this magic happen? On the surface, the movement of the brush along your skin removes any cellular debris and opens skin pores. At a deeper level the massaging effect of the brush moves lymph in the body. Often part of the blood will leak out of capillaries and the lymph system collects this fluid and moves it back towards the heart. Lymph carries wastes to eliminated from the body. Lymph is also an integral part of the immune system – lymph nodes are where immune cells ‘go to school’ so they know which cells in the body they should be seeking out and clearing up for us.

Unlike blood which has the heart to stimulate it’s flow, the lymph system does not have a pump to move it. It relies on muscle movement to massage it around the body. That’s where using a dry skin brush can be useful. By using long firm strokes towards the heart we can encourage the movement of lymph – simultaneously increasing the rate of which toxins can be released from the body and stimulating the immune system. You can buy brushes in some pharmacies or online at Nutri Centre

To get the full low down on dry skin brushing and see a demonstration watch my YouTube clip below…

love and nourish yourself x