I’m so excited that I will be back in London for the summer as there are so many great events going on.
A Day with Dr Brian Clement’ will be held in the Camden Centre, London on the 23rd June where he will be discussing the ‘Power of Living Foods to Heal Disease & Conquer Ageing.’

Brian has spent the past three decades conducting ground-breaking research into nutrition and health, ensuring that what he shares is always right at the cutting edge.

Dr. Clement will address the half century of work on disease and longevity conducted at the renowned Hippocrates Institute. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, MS, ALS, Parkinsons, fibromyalgia and more can be altered, prevented, and at times conquered with phyto-chemicals, antioxidants and other nutrients consumed on a diet of organic vegan living food. Dr. Clement will explain the basic science and extraordinary mechanisms that bring about a heightened and balanced immunity. Hundreds of thousands worldwide share enthusiasm in their greatly improved health by utilizing unprocessed green foods. One of the exceptional benefits acquired from this powerful cuisine is longevity.

Tickets available from The Fresh Network