In this months ELLE Suzanne Scott  talks to me for her article The Truth About Carbohydrates.

After the popularity of high protein diets carbs are making a return to our diets. The ‘right’ carbohydrates play a very important role in our diet adding fibre, alkalising the body and supplying us with important nutrients and minerals. These include vegetables, fruits and complex carbs like brown rice. Refined carbs rob the body of minerals, nutrients and energy, so still keep them on the shelf.

One of the common aspects of any detox diet is a lower level of protein and a big increase in fruit and vegetables. If you want to know which detox is right for you ask Which Detox? They also provide new detox options for those on a budget. And if you need help after you detox I offer health coaching sessions to match a healthy eating plan to you and your lifestyle.

The January 2013 edition of ELLE is on sale from December 5th.