It often baffles me why do we call sugary or fatty foods ‘treats’?

Think about it,sugary cakes or fatty bag of crisps rob the body of nutrients and energy, make us feel tired, cause digestive problems, contribute to premature ageing and cause inflammation in the body. In my eyes this is not treating myself. These foods often carry an emotional burden as well, leaving us feel heavy and not good about ourselves after eating them. In my opinion the term junk food is much more fitting.

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Choose foods that make you feel lighter and better about yourself. When I have a craving, I think “What would I like to eat right now that would nourish my body the most?”

Here are some real treats for your tastebuds and your skin…

Avocados - High in healthy fats to nourish and moisturise your skin from the inside

Figs – one of the most nutritious fruits in the world. Full of minerals and detoxifying