It can sometimes be a difficult balancing act trying to detox and socialise at the same time, but it needn’t be a struggle. Whilst in the initial stages of a detox it is a good idea to let your body rest, you don’t need to miss out on all the fun. One of my favourite ways to supercharge me at summer garden parties whilst laying off the booze, is to literally go tea-total! There are so many amazing teas out there that not only contain a range of nutritional benefits, but also have gentle stimulants to get you in the party mood. For example matcha green tea.  Japanese matcha green tea is perfect for keeping your energy levels up. It’s amazingly versatile and can be made into a simple party drink using the recipe below. Remember food should be a treat for all the senses so be sure to use some sophisticated cocktail glasses for your superfood drinks so can look glamorous and become the life of the party!


Matcha, Milk & Honey

In a small ceramic bowl place 1 heaped teaspoon of matcha green tea powder. Add a little hot water, just enough to cover the matcha. Whisk until frothy and all the matcha has dissolved. You can buy small mechanical whisks to make this process smoother … literally! Vitalife sell a matcher starter kit that includes a milk frother…Vitalife Japanese Matcha Green Tea 30g Starter Kit
Then slowly whisk in your choice of milk (I prefer hemp, oat or soya milk). You don’t need to add too much milk, you want the drink to still be a lovely jade colour. Then grab your best cocktail glass, fill with ice cubes and pour your matcha mix. Sweeten to taste with some honey.

Sit pretty with this delicous smoothie and drink to your health.

As they say here in Brazil – Saúde!