Back in the day when I was working in investment banking my snacking raised a lot of eyebrows. My perplexed colleagues always made remarks about me opening a fruit and vegetable store as a side business such was my desk, stacked to the rafters with fresh produce for me to munch away on.

Not a haribo in sight I spent my afternoons bright and energetic. One of my favourite mid afternoon snacks is a bell pepper (or capsicum as they are known in my native Australia). I eat them like an apple and I have no idea why more people don’t to be honest. They are are great portable easy snack that have amazing levels of anti-oxidants, vitamin C and carotenoids such as beta-carotene (which studies have shown give our skin a gorgeous healthy glow!) So please don’t knock it until you try it.

I might not be working at the investment bank anymore but I’m pretty sure if you walked in there you would now find a lot of people munching away on peppers – hence my work there is done!!


a sexy snack: full of antioxidants, vitamin & carotenoids for a healthy glow...& low on calories!